Guy examined over a minimum of 50 bag-snatching occurrences

Authorities stated Fukasaka, that has actually confessed to the fee, was recognized via road monitoring electronic camera video footage. He was priced estimate as claiming he had actually been anticipating the authorities to select him up at some point.

Cops claimed Fukasaka is presumed to swiping bags from ladies on bikes in at the very least 50 instances considering that March, netting him regarding 850,000 yen.

Authorities in Tokyo have actually jailed an out of work 44-year-old male on uncertainty of seizing a bag from a female’s bike last month and also are doubting him regarding his participation in at the very least 50 comparable occurrences in Tokyo, Chiba as well as Kanagawa prefectures because March this year.

Inning accordance with cops, Eiji Fukasaka has actually been accuseded of swiping a shoulder bag consisting of 19,000 yen in money from a 65-year-old female riding her bike in Tokyo’s Kita Ward at around 1:45 p.m. on July 8, Sankei Shimbun reported. Cops claimed Fukasaka was riding a mobility scooter and also showed up behind the female, got the bag from the basket on the front of her bike then sped up off.

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